Editing Webinar Reviews


“I had the pleasure of participating in Katie’s Four Seasons Editing Webinar. Even though it was conducted online, right from the get-go, Katie’s warmth and personality shone through. She made sure everyone who signed up was online and could hear, see, and communicate with her. Katie took her time and thoroughly explained each step of her process and graciously answered all of our questions. Afterwards, I noticed a definite shift in how I looked at images and approached post-processing. Thanks to Katie’s teaching, I am now better able to see how even subtle but critical changes in light and color can take an image from a good photograph to a polished professional portrait. In addition to being a mind-blowingly talented artist, Katie is also a very gifted teacher. I look forward to, at some point, learning from her in person and highly, highly recommend that, if you have the opportunity to take one of her courses, that you do so. You will not be disappointed. I promise!”-Mythology Anthology Photography


“I have to say that it was THE BEST webinar I have ever taken! By far! You were so giving and thorough with what you taught. You didn’t hold back with the things that you do to edit your photo’s. You answered everyone’s questions. I loved the fact that you did more than one (or two) photo’s. I’ve done a couple of webinars and they only do one or two and they do it so quickly, that it’s hard to take down notes. I loved that you did a few photo’s- going through everything slowly and with each photo, so we could understand. It was great how you explained the different tools that you used and how to use them (the haloing, I’ve always had so much trouble with that and it was nice to have someone walk through it so I understood it and could ask questions. And that warp tool!! I can’t wait to try that out now) The one thing that I really do LOVE is that you recorded it for us, so we can go back and watch it again and again. I learn by watching, over and over again. So I’m very grateful that I can sit down and watch it again, and pick up the things that I missed the first time. I also had a few ah-ha moments. I’ve seen other photographer photo’s and wondered how they did that, and it was so nice to finally have someone to show me how to do it. I’m so excited to use what I’ve learned in my editing, and I hope that this will help me get my images where I want them to be. You’re an awesome photographer, teacher and person. I will happily and highly recommend this webinar to anyone that wants to get their editing to where they envision it. Thank you so much Katie!” -Meredith Watt


“Skin textures and evenness in skin’s color throughout my images has been a significant struggle for me, but after taking Katie’s flawless skin webinar I can honestly say I have learned so many amazing new techniques to streamline the major process that is skin editing! I have learned to use new tools in Photoshop that I had been too frustrated with in the past. I absolutely love the color blending techniques she taught and how to create that warm glow and really bring an image to life. This class is a must take for anyone struggling to get that perfect glowing skin; you will learn not only how to get that look but a plethora of other tools and techniques to help keep your work flow organized and simple. I loved this webinar and it is absolutely worth the investment!” -Jess Paxton


“I took Katie’s webinar because I love her work, and she is my biggest inspiration. I have been following her work for years. Prior to her webinar, one of my biggest fears was that, because I am fairly new to Photoshop, I was afraid I would not be able to follow along. Katie made it very easy to follow, even for a beginner! She is very attentive to her students, provides significant detail, answers questions, and repeats steps as needed. At the same time, she is very efficient and covers a lot of ground.Her techniques are useful for any level. I have put her techniques into practice and have already seen great results. I really love the things that I have learned, especially being able to create dreamy images that are gorgeous, but believable. Thank you, Katie, for sharing your special skills.” -Kristina Wienczkowski


“I had the pleasure of taking Katie’s webinar a few weeks ago, and it was absolutely amazing! She is so soft spoken, goes at a slow, steady pace for everyone to be able to follow and take notes, and answers absolutely every question asked! She has such a glow about her personality, and her voice just makes you want to smile! I walked away learning far more than I honestly thought that I would. If you want to learn some amazing techniques, and have a smile on your face the entire time, I urge you to take this!!” -Jessica Irelan


“Thanks again for another great session! Love the fact you have done so much with out actions! And just good old Photoshop! It’s always amazing to see what a subtle difference can make in an image! Hope to have a one on one some day! But you’re so far away! Ugh! Maybe Chicago! But thank you again for your personal touch and correspondence when contacted too! It shows how much you care! Your awesome!!”-Tanya Kiesewetter


“I had always wanted to take one of Katie’s webinars. Finally I snagged a seat, marked my calendar and kept it wide open for 4 hours with the amazing Katie. Imagine my disappointment when I woke up too sick to get out of bed. So in my delirium I logged in, and attempted to listen to my computer in bed while I was in and out of sleep. Needless to say, nothing stuck in my fogged over brain. I am so thankful that Katie recorded her webinar and gave it to everyone who attended. I can play it back any time and refresh certain steps I might have missed. Watching the video took the edge off of getting rid of actions and focusing on beautiful hand edits. With a better understand of photoshop and a new bag of tricks my images are improving daily. Not only is Katie an amazing photographer but she is so kind and fun to listen to, and she is such a patient teacher. Thank you again to Katie. I may just have to jump in on another class some day.” -Shannon Squires-Toews

In Person Workshop Reviews


“Had the greatest experience learning from Katie! I’ve taken several group workshops from other fabulous photographers but her one-on-one mentoring was the best experience! Katie made my day all about helping my business. She gave such valuable business advice and tips and I’m excited to try them out! She was so great at posing models and giving camera tips to help get the great SOOC look! I had such a great time and this was the most beneficial investment I’ve done for my business!”-Courtney Mahr Blissett


“Dear Katie. I can’t tell you enough how much your in-person workshop has changed my photography. For the 1st time, I’m confident – not just “hoping” I will get the shot. Your workshop covered everything that any photographer would hope to know and more. Thank you for such an amazing time, I couldn’t have asked for anything more! You’re going to hear a lot of thank -you’s here, but I believe a person must always be grateful in life! And today I am grateful for you! (And everytime I do a photo shoot, I’m also grateful to you) Thank you for sharing my picture – I’m getting so many new likes on my page!). Thank you for trusting me enough to share your design with me! And most of all thank you for keeping in contact with me – that shows me you have real character! I am so blessed to have met you and learnt from you. Thank you for being YOU – a truly amazing person. I’m so grateful to you Katie for so many reasons, so thank you! Big hugs always.”-Melony Van Rensburg Smith


“I am so honored and grateful to have had the pleasure of mentoring each and every one of these inspirational ladies! <3   I recommend this workshop a thousand times over. I wish that I had taken it so sooo long ago. If you are a newbie and are not quite comfortable shooting in manual. TAKE THIS WORKSHOP!! If you have trouble nailing your skin tones, take this workshop! If you have trouble nailing your focus, take this workshop! If you are lost in the business end of things, take this workshop! If you just need a moment to live your passion and spend it with peeps that share the shame passions, take this workshop!  If you just need a little encouragement or inspiration, take this workshop! If you have trouble with PS, both beginners and advanced, take this workshop! It is a guaranteed life changer. Katie’s passion, her knowledge, her talent, her tenacity, her kindness, her spunk, her constant support, and her willingness and excitement to share it all is a complete blessing to the world of portrait photography. Katie is one of the greats in this industry, she is a master of her art, and she is a true mentor. I am blessed to have her, Christine, and the other students in my world. Our new little family, if you will.”-Lindey Neudorff


“I had no idea upon signing up for Katie’s Beach Babies workshop how much I would learn and what an impact it would have on me in just one day. The experience was priceless! Such an unbelievably warm and beautiful person, Katie made us all feel so comfortable. She is also an amazing teacher and shared anything and everything with us…from all things photography to showing us her whole editing process. Even after the workshop, she actively answered our many questions and requests for an opinion. Katie’s wife, Christine, is also an amazing woman and such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the business side. It was so eye opening and such valuable information. Together, they are such a powerful team. Working with our little models was also such a treat…really spoiled me! I also feel so blessed to have met and formed relationships with the other amazing photographers who came out. I look forward to keeping in touch and continuing to support one another. I feel so empowered and I’m so excited to use these skills and continue to grow. Thank you so much for everything Katie and Christine!!”-Kelly Murphy Scarberry


“I am not sure how I came across Katie’s FB page, but I remember gasping when I saw her work. Her images were so naturally beautiful and styled to perfection. After months of watching (okay stalking) her work, I saw she was having a workshop and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to learn from her. What I thought far exceeded what I got out of her workshop. Her goal for us was to get that “Ah ha” moment and you definitely get that. Along with her knowledge of all things photography, she has such a great personality and a warmth about her. She truly makes you feel like she wants you to walk away better than you came. Her wife Christine’s knowledge of the business blew my mind. I needed to hear everything she told us and I am pumped to work on my business structure. From the little models we photographed, to the other women that attended alongside of me, I can say this workshop was phenomenal. Thank you Katie and Christine. You ladies ROCK!”-Jacquelyn Briscoe Cavitt


“I first discovered Katie Andelman’s photography page from my brother, who had a college course with Katie. He recommended her page to me and I have been in lover with her photos ever since. I had the privilege of attending the Beach Babies Workshop hosted by Katie Andelman Garner in West Palm Beach, Florida. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Katie is such a bubbly and warm person and was genuinely interested in giving each of the aspiring photographers as much guidance and information as possible. She explained things in ways that have never made sense to me before in regards to business aspects and technique. I gained so much more than knowledge and confidence from this workshop. I feel that I am truly part of a wonderful community of supportive and creative people. Even though the workshop is over, Katie has still kept in touch with each of us and given us so many pointers and tips regarding our images and any other questions we pile on her! The webinar she held after the workshop was insanely helpful. I had no idea how the heck to use certain tools in photoshop, let alone what they even were! I feel like a million light bulbs turned on after the workshop and webinar. So incredibly helpful and fun. Katie does such a great job of making sure each of us feel confident and understand anything we’re confused about. The workshop was seriously such a life changing experience. Huge thank you to Katie, as well as her wife, Christine! Such beautiful and inspiring women and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from them.”-Danielle Lynee Mitchell


“Oh my!! I can’t EVEN tell you how excited I was waiting for the Beach Babies 2015 workshop date to get here!!!! What an amazing way to start the year! A fabulous day with Katie, Christine , adorable little models and some awesome photographers!!! Katie teaches you as if you had been friends for years and explains things to you so “YOU” get it!!! Her attitude is absolutely infectious! I am so pumped for this year and look forward to using my techniques she showed me and taking my photography to the next level!!! Thank you Katie and Christine!!!”-Teri Wright Salvino


“Ever since I saw Katie’s work for the first time, I fell in love with her photos. They had that “secret ingredient” that made you feel connected with the image, as if u were part of it. I’ve always been mesmerized by her amazing photography. When I found out about the Beach Babies workshop in Florida, I was over the moon excited. I knew this was what I wanted, my opportunity to learn from one of my favorite photographers out there, and be able to bring my photography to a higher level. I wanted to be the best me I could be. All I can say after having attended the workshop is WOW. What an amazing experience! This was my first workshop I’ve taken and I can’t even deal with how inspired and motivated I am! Katie is as sweet as she is talented, and her wife Christine is very smart. They make an amazing team! I loved how attentive Katie was, always making sure each and every one of us got the idea and checking we were doing it right. Even now, that the workshop is over, she’s still in touch with us helping, inspiring and answering all of our questions. She made me feel very confident about myself and my work, she’s amazing! I had the best weekend in years! Thank you so much for making it happen Katie Andelman!”-Daniela Gaybay


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