Fairytale Photography

Denver fairy tale photographer 001

Fairytales are a really special genre for me because it’s what inspired me to get into photography in the first place.

Dreaming of these magical worlds as a child and wanting to bring them to life lead me to start my business and it’s truly amazing to look back over the years and see all the wonder and magic that I’ve been able to bring to life through my photography.

I’m often asked about the clothing and costumes in my photos and actually a lot of the costuming in the fairytale images is designed by me from scratch because I couldn’t find anything that really fulfilled my vision.

Every one of my fairytale pieces is very well thought out and planned when looking at all the details, the expressions, the posing, the light, the colors, and the costuming.

I enjoy the process so much because it is so special for me to recreate an idea in my mind, as perfectly as it could be.  I think that using children and child models makes it a little bit more magical, whimsical and, unique.

Denver fairy tale photographer 002