High School Senior Photography

denver high school senior photographer 030

For high school seniors I really focus on being more specific in the way I pose them because I feel like there are so many generic poses that everyone uses and I think that provides me the opportunity to really make them shine and feel like a model when they are having their photos taken by me.

I really like to push the idea that it’s not just a high school senior photo, it’s an opportunity to have a stunning moment together as I focus on bringing a more editorial or even commercial type look to life with them. I think the girls I work with really love it because it makes them feel like models.

I’m all about really breaking that kind of traditional mold of what high school senior photos look like.  I love composing and creating more on the artistic side, the foreign art, fine art, and even the editorial side for my high school seniors because at the end of the day it’s about how I was able to make them feel.

The beauty in the style I offer is that these photos live on well beyond the senior high school years because they do not have that generic feel and I think the girls I get to work with really love that aspect too.