Daniela Gaybay
Ever since I saw Katie’s work for the first time, I fell in love with her photos. They had that “secret ingredient” that made you feel connected with the image, as if u were part of it. I’ve always been mesmerized by her amazing photography. When I found out about the Beach Babies workshop in Florida, I was over the moon excited. I knew this was what I wanted, my opportunity to learn from one of my favorite photographers out there, and be able to bring my photography to a higher level. I wanted to be the best me I could be. All I can say after having attended the workshop is WOW. What an amazing experience! This was my first workshop I’ve taken and I can’t even deal with how inspired and motivated I am! Katie is as sweet as she is talented, and her wife Christine is very smart. They make an amazing team! I loved how attentive Katie was, always making sure each and every one of us got the idea and checking we were doing it right. Even now, that the workshop is over, she’s still in touch with us helping, inspiring and answering all of our questions. She made me feel very confident about myself and my work, she’s amazing! I had the best weekend in years! Thank you so much for making it happen Katie Andelman!