Mythology Anthology Photography
I had the pleasure of participating in Katie’s Four Seasons Editing Webinar. Even though it was conducted online, right from the get-go, Katie’s warmth and personality shone through. She made sure everyone who signed up was online and could hear, see, and communicate with her. Katie took her time and thoroughly explained each step of her process and graciously answered all of our questions. Afterwards, I noticed a definite shift in how I looked at images and approached post-processing. Thanks to Katie’s teaching, I am now better able to see how even subtle but critical changes in light and color can take an image from a good photograph to a polished professional portrait. In addition to being a mind-blowingly talented artist, Katie is also a very gifted teacher. I look forward to, at some point, learning from her in person and highly, highly recommend that, if you have the opportunity to take one of her courses, that you do so. You will not be disappointed. I promise!