Melony Van Rensburg Smith

Dear Katie. I can’t tell you enough how much your in-person workshop has changed my photography. For the 1st time, I’m confident – not just “hoping” I will get the shot. Your workshop covered everything that any photographer would hope to know and more. Thank you for such an amazing time, I couldn’t have asked for anything more! You’re going to hear a lot of thank -you’s here, but I believe a person must always be grateful in life! And today I am grateful for you! (And everytime I do a photo shoot, I’m also grateful to you) Thank you for sharing my picture – I’m getting so many new likes on my page!). Thank you for trusting me enough to share your design with me! And most of all thank you for keeping in contact with me – that shows me you have real character! I am so blessed to have met you and learnt from you. Thank you for being YOU – a truly amazing person. I’m so grateful to you Katie for so many reasons, so thank you! Big hugs always.

Courtney Mahr Blissett

Had the greatest experience learning from Katie! I’ve taken several group workshops from other fabulous photographers but her one-on-one mentoring was the best experience! Katie made my day all about helping my business. She gave such valuable business advice and tips and I’m excited to try them out! She was so great at posing models and giving camera tips to help get the great SOOC look! I had such a great time and this was the most beneficial investment I’ve done for my business!

Shannon Squires-Toews

I had always wanted to take one of Katie’s webinars. Finally I snagged a seat, marked my calendar and kept it wide open for 4 hours with the amazing Katie. Imagine my disappointment when I woke up too sick to get out of bed. So in my delirium I logged in, and attempted to listen to my computer in bed while I was in and out of sleep. Needless to say, nothing stuck in my fogged over brain. I am so thankful that Katie recorded her webinar and gave it to everyone who attended. I can play it back any time and refresh certain steps I might have missed. Watching the video took the edge off of getting rid of actions and focusing on beautiful hand edits. With a better understand of photoshop and a new bag of tricks my images are improving daily. Not only is Katie an amazing photographer but she is so kind and fun to listen to, and she is such a patient teacher. Thank you again to Katie. I may just have to jump in on another class some day.

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