Teen Models

Denver Teen Model Photographer - Katie Andelman Photography 002

Working with teen models is really fun!  One of my favorite things to do because it’s a really cool transition time for the kids because they sort of go from being a child to almost being an adult.

But at the same time, I think teen modeling has its own niche.  I like to stay current on events for teen posing and modeling.  I always want to keep it hip and interesting with the trends, however, I also appropriate for the fact that I’m working with a teen as they’re not quite adults yet.

I’m very conscientious of how I pose them and I think it’s beautiful and a work of art to capture the small little sliver of time between being a child and adulthood.

I have a specific method that I use with my teens and it’s different than what I do with my child models or adult models. 

With teens, I really focus on their development as a model, as well as a smooth and appropriate transition from child modeling to adult modeling. 

If the teen I’m working with is just starting or interested in modeling, I work with them in a way that preps them for the future, if they are interested in continuing within the modeling industry.  

Denver teen modeling portfolio photographer