Jacquelyn Briscoe Cavitt

I am not sure how I came across Katie’s FB page, but I remember gasping when I saw her work. Her images were so naturally beautiful and styled to perfection. After months of watching (okay stalking) her work, I saw she was having a workshop and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to learn from her. What I thought far exceeded what I got out of her workshop. Her goal for us was to get that “Ah ha” moment and you definitely get that. Along with her knowledge of all things photography, she has such a great personality and a warmth about her. She truly makes you feel like she wants you to walk away better than you came. Her wife Christine’s knowledge of the business blew my mind. I needed to hear everything she told us and I am pumped to work on my business structure. From the little models we photographed, to the other women that attended alongside of me, I can say this workshop was phenomenal. Thank you Katie and Christine. You ladies ROCK!

Kelly Murphy Scarberry

I had no idea upon signing up for Katie’s Beach Babies workshop how much I would learn and what an impact it would have on me in just one day. The experience was priceless! Such an unbelievably warm and beautiful person, Katie made us all feel so comfortable. She is also an amazing teacher and shared anything and everything with us…from all things photography to showing us her whole editing process. Even after the workshop, she actively answered our many questions and requests for an opinion. Katie’s wife, Christine, is also an amazing woman and such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the business side. It was so eye opening and such valuable information. Together, they are such a powerful team. Working with our little models was also such a treat…really spoiled me! I also feel so blessed to have met and formed relationships with the other amazing photographers who came out. I look forward to keeping in touch and continuing to support one another. I feel so empowered and I’m so excited to use these skills and continue to grow. Thank you so much for everything Katie and Christine!!

Lindey Neudorff

I am so honored and grateful to have had the pleasure of mentoring each and every one of these inspirational ladies! <3 I recommend this workshop a thousand times over. I wish that I had taken it so sooo long ago. If you are a newbie and are not quite comfortable shooting in manual. TAKE THIS WORKSHOP!! If you have trouble nailing your skin tones, take this workshop! If you have trouble nailing your focus, take this workshop! If you are lost in the business end of things, take this workshop! If you just need a moment to live your passion and spend it with peeps that share the shame passions, take this workshop! If you just need a little encouragement or inspiration, take this workshop! If you have trouble with PS, both beginners and advanced, take this workshop! It is a guaranteed life changer. Katie’s passion, her knowledge, her talent, her tenacity, her kindness, her spunk, her constant support, and her willingness and excitement to share it all is a complete blessing to the world of portrait photography. Katie is one of the greats in this industry, she is a master of her art, and she is a true mentor. I am blessed to have her, Christine, and the other students in my world. Our new little family, if you will.

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